The firm has brought together the rights in various software tools and is working with firms which acquired the original software.


Interlinkt accounting

This software forms the backbone of WebsterAccounts the UK’s longest running online accounting software service.

Our role is to maintain the software on their behalf to ensure a robust level of service for their clients. We can also develop custom solutions on behalf of groups of clients with similar accounting needs.

Negotiations are currently underway with a client looking to produce a foreign language version of the software for non-native English users of the software. We will be looking to develop this into a new accounting product for sale in countries outside the UK.


Interlinkt portal

Available for sale to accounting and professional services companies the portal provides a SharePoint portal for the team in the accountants office including an integral document management system and links to the firms Practice Management Software. An independent portal which clients can use for secure confidential exchange of documents is due for release in July 2017.